Hugh Hamshaw Thomas

Hugh Hamshaw "Ham" Thomas, MBE FLS FRS (29 May 1885 in Wrexham, Wales – 30 June 1962 in Cambridge, England), was a British paleobotanist.

He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in May, 1934. His candidature citation read: "His researches cover a wide field; to Palaeobotany he has made several original contributions of great value; notably on the leaves of Calamites (Phil Tran, 1911), on the structure of Cycadean fronds, on new genera, e.g., 'Williamsoniella' (Phil Trans, 1915); the Caytoniales, a paper of exceptional importance (Phil Trans, 1925); also several papers on Jurassic floras, etc. Dr Thomas is well known as an authority on aircraft photography and was one of the first to demonstrate its application to the survey of vegetation. His work is characterized by originality and by the skilful use of new methods of technique."