Robert Ernest Davies

Robert Ernest Davies FRS (17 August 1919 — 7 March 1993) was a biochemist working on Solute and Ion Transport and Muscle Contraction at the Medical Research Council.

In his earliest work, Davies formed questions on the nature, mechanism(s) and control of energy conversions in cells. The general outlines of metabolic pathways involved in the supply of energy were well defined: the Krebs tricarboxylic acid cycle and the Embden–Meyerhof– Parnas pathway for glycolysis. Adenosine triphosphate in all cells, and phosphorylcreatine in muscle and nerve cells, were identified as being important in cellular energy exchanges. Characteristically, when offered two possible research topics by Krebs, Davies chose the harder problem and the one less well defined: instead of following up on the chemistry of citromalic acid and how it might fit into the citric acid cycle, he chose to develop ways of studying the energetics of gastric acid secretion.

By Martin J. Kushmerick 

Biogr. Mems Fell. R. Soc. 2001 47 141-157; DOI: 10.1098/rsbm.2001.0009. Published 1 November 2001

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