John Goldingham

John Goldingham FRS (1767 - July 1849) was the first official astronomer of the Madras Observatory, appointed in 1802.

Goldingham was put in charge of building an observatory in 1792, and later appointed as the Presidency Civil Engineer in 1800. Although a mathematician, he managed to learn both astronomy and engineering. He worked at around the same time as Colonel Lambton began the Trigonometrical Survey.

From 1787 observations were made on the eclipses of Jupiter's satellites. Using the time taken for these, the longitudes were established. Goldingham estimated the Madras observatory at 18°17'21" E and these were used for a while by the Trigonometrical Survey. Goldingham was succeeded by T. G. Taylor in 1831.

From Wikimedia Commons under CC-BY 2.0 license