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Thomas Henry Huxley

Thomas Henry Huxley PC PRS FLS FRS (1825–1895) was an English biologist specialising in comparative anatomy.

In 1849, 24 years-old Huxley published his first paper in the Philosophical Transactions which built on his zoological observations on board HMS Rattlesnake as Assistant-Surgeon along the coasts of Australia and New-Guinea. He was elected Fellow of the Royal Society the next year. For the following 40 years, he contributed to biology and zoology by publishing over more than a dozen papers in the Royal Society journals, and crucially through his activities as referee and communicator of the works of other fellow-biologists. As Junior Biological Secretary, Huxley oversaw the publication of all biological papers between 1872 and 1881, and then as President of the Royal Society (1883-1885) he further fostered the transformation of the Royal Society. 

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