Learning Resources

This website is for all to discover science and its history through the 353 years of publications at the Royal Society.

Teachers of palaeography will find various examples of handwritings to train their students to transcribe. Historians will find primary sources previously only available to visitors of the Royal Society collections. Scientists will discover how their fields have evolved through time.

Inspire your students and remember that even primary school children have published a scientific article in one of the Royal Society journals.

Lesson plans

This section provides primary and secondary school teachers with activities to bring the items and themes of Science in the Making into the classroom. If you are a teacher and have developed activities based on Science in the Making, please let us know.

100 NASA-tested classroom activities on how to study the ocean from space, with a module specifically on Antarctic penguins. (Elementary schools)

Lesson plans on the History of Science for secondary schools, including Newton’s law, Darwin and discoveries that changed the world (Secondary Schools)

The Scientific Revolution: Science & Society from the Renaissance to the Early Enlightenment: Lesson Plans by the Ohio State University (Elementary and Secondary Schools)