Referee report by F. Sibson on 'Physiological Anatomy of the Lungs' by J. N. Heale

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                                Report on Dr. Heale’s Paper 
on the Physiological Anatomy of the Lungs 
A large portion of Dr. Heale’s paper 
is occupied by details that have been 
already given by previous observers.
His statement that the divisions of the 
bronchial tubes is neither dichotomous 
nor trichotomous but strictly that of a 
panicle, is anticipated by Russeisen 
who in Plate 1 represents the alternate 
branching of a main bronchial tube.
The corresponding subdivision of the 
pulmonary artery and bronchial tubes 
so that the artery penetrates each lobule 
in conjunction with the tube / pp 13.22.61/;
and the origins of the pulmonary veins from 
the periphery of the lubules / pp 13.23./;
which are described by Dr. Heale at great 
length and without reference to any previous 
observer, have already been well detailed 
by Russeisen, Bourgery, Addison, and 
Rossignol. Thus Russeisen says , “Et enim 
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James Newton Heale
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Referee report by F. Sibson on 'Physiological Anatomy of the Lungs' by J. N. Heale, 1860. From The Royal Society, RR/4/124



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