Referee report by F. Sibson on 'Physiological Anatomy of the Lungs' by J. N. Heale

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                                Pneumonia & advanced Phthisis the Capillaries 
of that Plexus were more numerous 
crowded & tortuous than in his drawings 
The distribution of the bronchial artery 
to the air Cells, which is elaborately described 
by Dr. Heale, is beautifully figured by 
Russeisen Plate III. fig 1.2. and the supply 
of that artery to the fibrocartilagenous 
fibrous and cellular tissue of the bronchiae 
the pleura, and the parenchyma of the 
lung, an account of which also occupies 
Dr. Heale’s paper, is well described by 
Russeisen and many other anatomists.
Dr. Heale’s idea that each lobe, each lobule 
& each leaflet, may in certain particulars 
may be looked upon as a diminutive but perfect 
lung is prefigured, though with less detail,
by Dr. Addison, who speaks of “each lobule 
constituting a sort of distinct lung in 
miniature, having its own separate artery 
and vein.” /Med. Chir. Trans. XXIV p 148/
Thus far, and I could have cited other 
instances. The descriptions of Dr. Heales, while 
they are, I believe accurate, coincide 
with those of other authors. While therefore 
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James Newton Heale
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Referee report by F. Sibson on 'Physiological Anatomy of the Lungs' by J. N. Heale, 1860. From The Royal Society, RR/4/124



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