Referee report by F. Sibson on 'Physiological Anatomy of the Lungs' by J. N. Heale

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                                veins - we must hesitate to admit the 
soundness of his view, even although it may 
appear to be supported by his own preparations.
Dr. Heale admits as we have seen that injections may be 
transmitted by rupture from the bronchial 
arteries to the pulmonary vessels, but he gives 
no proof that in those instances the communi=
=cation was really by rupture. It is difficult 
to conceive that such a happy triple 
rupture first out of one set of capillaries,
then through the celular tissue, and lastly 
into another set of capillaries, should 
take place. Those who have made many 
injections know that it is much easier to 
send the injection from the pulmonary artery 
or vein into the air cells than into the corres=
=ponding artery or vein.
<s>The Editors of the Sydenham  Society edition 
of<\s> Kolliker in advocating the existence of 
anastomosis between the bronchial & pulmonary 
systems of vessels does well to call to mind the 
“dilatation of the bronchial arteries & extension 
of the Zone of distribution, in cases where
the circulation through the pulmonary 
arteries is interrupted, in which cases the 
bronchial arteries frequently wholly replace 
branches of the pulmonary artery, and 
become respiratory vessels; conditions 
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James Newton Heale
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Referee report by F. Sibson on 'Physiological Anatomy of the Lungs' by J. N. Heale, 1860. From The Royal Society, RR/4/124



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