Referee report by G. Peacock on 'Analysis of the Roots of Equations' by R. Murphy

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                                My dear Sir 
I have sent you very brief reports of the two papers 
which you referred to me: Mr Laming’s paper is 
evidently nonsense & does not deserve to be 
seriously considered: Murphy’s paper is the 
production of a very considerable analyst: some 
parts show great skill & a singularly clear insight 
into the whole meaning of the most complicated 
relations which can be expressed by analytical 
language: he is a very superior man & want to 
[text?] he is the first analyst in Great Britain 
I’m afraid that he is living in London in very 
bad circumstances, owing to a great degree, I [lacuna]
to his own want of prudence & conduct: I 
should rejoice greatly if any thing could 
be done for him 
We were all much shocked at the death of poor 
Cuthbert Romilly: poor Romilly is so warm hearted 
& affectionate a person, that we will feel his 
loss most acutely.
I have to give two lectures every day, one a 
public one to a very large class on [text?]
This makes it quite impossible for me 
to come to London tomorrow: Saturday which 
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Robert Murphy
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Referee report by G. Peacock on 'Analysis of the Roots of Equations' by R. Murphy, 1837. From The Royal Society, RR/1/167



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