Referee report by G. Peacock on 'Analysis of the Roots of Equations' by R. Murphy

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                                Trinity College, Cambridge 
I have read Mr Murphy’s memoir “On the 
Theory of Analytical Operations” & I am of opinion 
that it deserves to be printed in the Transactions 
of the Royal Society 
The object of this memoir is to exhibit in a more 
general & independent form than has been hitherto 
been attempted, the principles of the separation 
of the symbols of operation & of quantity: it is thus 
critical to define the extent to which the formulae 
which have been established with respect to symbols 
of quantity are transferable to [text?] equations 
which [text?] symbols of operation: & he has shewn 
in what manner all the known formulae, including 
the most general, connected with the development 
of function may be not only deduced by this method but their 
relation to each other in  many cases presented
in a very new & striking form: several of the 
formulae, particularly towards the conclusion 
of his memoir, are, as far as I know, quite new
This memoir is evidently the production of a very 
accomplished analyst & is quite worthy of the 
high character Mr Murphy has already 
earned by the papers in the Cambridge 
Philosophical Transactions George Peacock 

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Referee report by G. Peacock on 'Analysis of the Roots of Equations' by R. Murphy, 1837. From The Royal Society, RR/1/167



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