Considerations of Mr. Hook upon Mr. Newton's Discourse of Light and Colours

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                                and that which was before a Line, now becomes a Triangular Superficies,
in which the pulse is not propagated at Right Angles with its Line of
direction, but ascew; as I have more at large explained in my Micro=
graphia; and that which makes Excursions on the one side, impresses
a compound motion on the bottom of the Eye, of which we have the
imagination of <u>Red</u> and that which make Excursions on the other,
causes a sensation which we imagine a <u>Blew</u>: And so of all the
intermediate dilutings of those colours: Now that the intermediate are
nothing but the dilutings of those two primary, I hope I have sufficiently
prooved by the Experiment of the two wedg-like boxes, described in my
Micrographia. Upon this account I cannot assent to the later part of
the Proposition, that Colours are not Qualifications of Light, derived
from Refractions or Refections of natural Bodies, but original and
connate properties. [text?].

To the second proposition I wholy allow, not exactly in the sence there
meant but with my manner of expressing it, that is, that part of the
splitt ray n<sup>ch</sup> is most-bent exhibits a blew, the n<sup>ch</sup> is least a red
and the midle parts midling colours And that those parts will
alwaies exhibit those colours till the compound motions are destroyed
and reduced by other motions to one simple and uniforme pulse as it was
at first

And this will easily explaine and give a reason of y<sup>e</sup> Phenomena of
the third proposition to n<sup>ch</sup> I doe readylie assent in all cases Except where
the splitt ray is made by another refraction to become entire and
uniforme, againe to diverge and seperate which explaines his fourth

But as to the 5<sup>th</sup> that there are an indefinet variety of primary
or originall colours amongst which are yellow green violett purple
orange [text?] and an infinit number of intermediate gradations, I 
cannot assent thereunto as Supposeing it wholly uselesse to multiply
entityes without necessity since I have elsewhere showne, that all
the varietys of colours in the world may be made by the helpe of two
I agree
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Considerations of Mr. Hook upon Mr. Newton's Discourse of Light and Colours, 1672. From The Royal Society, RBO/4/45



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