J. C. Maxwell’s, ‘Dynamical theory of the electromagnetic field’

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                                (70) In these equations of the electromagnetic field we have 
assumed 20 variable quantities, namely 

For Electromagnetic Momentum F G H 
[ditto] Magnetic Intensity [alpha] [beta] [gamma] 
[ditto] Electromotive Force P Q R 
[ditto] Current due to true conduction p q r 
[ditto] Electric Displacement f g h 
[ditto] Total Current (including variation of displacement ) p' q' r' 
[ditto] Quantity of free Electricity e 
[ditto] Electric Potential [psi] 

Between these 20 quantities we have found 20 equations viz 

Three equations of Magnetic Force (B) 
[ditto] Electric Currents (c) 
[ditto] Electromotive Force (D) 
[ditto] Electric Elasticity (E) 
[ditto] Electric Resistance (F) 
[ditto] Total Current (A) 
One Equation of Free Electricity (G) 
One Equation of Continuity (H) 

These equations are sufficient to determine all the 
quantities which occur in them, provided we know the 
conditions of the problem. In many questions however 
only a few of the equations are required 

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James Clerk Maxwell
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J. C. Maxwell’s, ‘Dynamical theory of the electromagnetic field’, 1864. From The Royal Society, PT/72/7



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