On the Structure and Development of the Cysticercus cellulosae, as Found in the Pig, by George Rainey

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                                tuting a distinct being and is named a <u>proglottis p<\u>.
The evidence of the conversion of cystic into cestoid ento=
zoa is simple. A particular form of Cysticercus grows into 
a particular species of taenia of which it is the <u>scolex<\u>; 
at least this definite specific relation is probable; and 
it has now been shown, by numerous and varied 
experiments, that when cysticerci are given to an ani=
mal with its food, they gradually pass into taeniae; 
provided the Cysticercus made use of is the true scolex 
of the species of taenia harboured by the animal 
subjected to experiment. The taeniae thus produced 
agree in number with the cysticerci swallowed, at least 
never exceed them; they may be traced in progress of 
development, and when given successively at suitable 
intervals, the resulting taeniae present corresponding 
differences of advancement.
The <u>Cysticercus cellulosae<\u> is believed to be the scolex 
of the <u>Taenia solium<\u> which infests the human ali-
mentary canal; and in an experiment made on a 
criminal condemned to execution, these cystic parasites 
put into the food shortly before death were afterwards 
found in the intestine converted into taeniae, suffi=
ciently advanced to be recognized as the <u>Taenia solium<\u>. 
The taeniae being thus developed from the Cysticercus, 
it should naturally follow that the Cysticercus is, in its 
turn, derived from the taenia; and the fact is esta=
blished by experiments which may be regarded as com=
plementary of the former. Mature segments of the 
tape-worm, full of embryos, have been given to different 
animals with their food, and the tissues of these animals 
have become infested with cysticerci. In this way the 
<u>Taenia coenurus<\u> given to sheep has been followed by 
the production of <u>Coenurus cerebralis<\u> in the brain of 
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George Rainey
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On the Structure and Development of the Cysticercus cellulosae, as Found in the Pig, by George Rainey, 1857. From The Royal Society, PT/56/8



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