On the Structure and Development of the Cysticercus cellulosae, as Found in the Pig, by George Rainey

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                                <s>this question. But still I believe <\s> Before adverting to the opinion now prevalent as to the source whence the 
Cystic entozoa <s>are derived <\s> generally are derived I may here state that from cer=
tain data which I have collected, & which I 
will now briefly mention, I believe <s>that<\s> it is not only 
possible to find out the cause of <s>this disease <\s> the production of Cysticercus cellulosae in the Pig 
but that probably there would be no great 
difficulty in discovering it provided the 
proper means were employed -
Through the kindness of Mr. Fisher, 
inspector of Newgate Market & some other 
persons employed there as salesmen I have 
been enabled to examine specimens of 
measley pork taken from at least fifty 
different pigs. In one class of these 
specimens, I found scarcely any but 
adult cysticerci, after examining perhaps 
fifty different pieces, I might, however, find 
one or two of the immature ones, but these 
were always in the last stage of the ver=
micular form. In others, a second class, 
I could find only the earliest stages of the cys=
ticerci, & none of the perfectly formed ones. 
And in the third class of specimens, I found 
them in every possible stage of development, 
even in the same field of the microscope. 
I think the last class of specimens was the 
Now the inference I deduce from these 
facts is, firstly, that the animals from 
which the first set of specimens were taken 
had some time prior to their being slaughtered 
been placed under circumstances favourable 
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On the Structure and Development of the Cysticercus cellulosae, as Found in the Pig, by George Rainey, 1857. From The Royal Society, PT/56/8



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