On the Structure and Development of the Cysticercus cellulosae, as Found in the Pig, by George Rainey

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                                the regularly spherical form of the particles 
of oil, & their arrangement in lines; also by 
their more equal refraction, & reflection of 
the light. The particles peculiar to the 
cystic disease very often occur where there 
is no fatty degeneration whatever, in no 
instance do they appear like those of the 
oil in fatty muscle to be formed at the 
expence of the sarcous matter, but to 
exist independently of it, & to be lodged 
between the smallest fibrillae tending to 
separate them longitudinally. 
Now as these particles always exist in 
conjunction with the earliest forms of 
cysticerci, & in such cases only; & as it 
is almost impossible that such a collection 
of cells & molecules as the one I have des-
cribed as the earliest unmistakeable form 
of this entozoon could have at once 
come into existence in so characteristic 
a form as that delineated in Plate 2. fig 1. 
it is more than probable that the singular 
masses of particles above noticed, & repre=
sented in Plate 2. fig. 9. are antecedent 
ambiguous forms of cysticerci, & that the 
molecules of which these groups are com-
posed are the primary germ-particles of 
imperfect entozoa. And it is further 
worthy of remark that in some specimens 
of muscle which I have examined very 
much infested with cysticerci I have found 
some of the capillaries & small blood vessels 
containing molecules of an organic 
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On the Structure and Development of the Cysticercus cellulosae, as Found in the Pig, by George Rainey, 1857. From The Royal Society, PT/56/8



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