On the Structure and Development of the Cysticercus cellulosae, as Found in the Pig, by George Rainey

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                                the muscular fibres, & others just under the 
endocardium. They occur also in the muscular 
coat of the Oesophagus almost as low down 
as the stomach. But as in the Pig the striped 
fibres extend nearly to the inferior extremity 
of this tube, their presence there forms no 
exception to their usual position in muscles 
composed of striped fibres. I found but 
very few in the lower part of this tube, & 
as yet I have not met with them in the 
muscular coat of the Intestines, in that 
of the large vessels close to the heart, 
in any of the Glandular organs, nor in 
any of the structures of the Lungs.
However in one Pig, very much infected with 
them I found the Cysticercus under the 
mucous membrane of the Larynx, also one 
behind the Peritoneum near to the Kidney. 
As these appear appear to be probably acciden 
tal cases I am inclined to regard the 
striped muscles as the true seat of this 
species of Cysticercus.
This Cysticercus when sufficiently 
developed to be apparent without the aid 
of the microscope, is seen to consist of 
an oval cyst about half an inch in 
length, having a white globular body 
in its centre; but if the muscle in 
which these animalcules are contained 
has been exposed for a few hours to the 
air, the white bodies will be the only part 
very distinctly visible; the cysts in this 
case having become collapsed from the 
evaporation of their fluid. If however, the 
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On the Structure and Development of the Cysticercus cellulosae, as Found in the Pig, by George Rainey, 1857. From The Royal Society, PT/56/8



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