Part 2: Researches on the Foraminifera

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                                phases of growth. <u>O. angulata</u> being the youngest, <u>O. [text?]
[text?]</u> the next in age, and  <u>O. uncinata</u> the adult. He
arrived at this result, of the truth of which I am myself
well assured, by the comparison of a great number of spe-
cimens, - a process which it would have been well for
science if he had more constantly adopted.  The name of
the adult form should of course stand as that of the species;
but the organism in question is more commonly known
under the designation <u>Orbiculina adunca</u>, which seems to have been conferred upon it by M. Deslongschamps. <sup>1<sup>

79. A considerable number of figures of this species are
given by M. D'Orbigny in his treatise on the Formaninifera of Cuba, which forms part of the great work of M. Ramon
de la Sagra on the Natural History &c of that island. <sup>2<sup> These fi-
gures, however, serve only to give a general idea of the vari-
eties of external conformation which had presented them
selves to him; and notwithstanding their number and va
tiety, they do not include some of the most important among
the protean shapes of these bodies, nor do they throw any light
upon their internal structure.

80. The Memoirs of Prof. Ehrenberg <sup>3<sup> in which the group
of Bryozoa was originally constituted, 
made the first approach
towards a recognition of the true relationship between Orbi
<u>tolites</u> and <u>Orbiculina</u>; of which the first had previously
been ranked among the Zoophytes; while the second (until the Rhizopodous nature of the whole group of Foraminfera 
was made known by M. Dujardin in 1835) had been associated
with the Cephalopods. Prof Ehrenberg's description and figures
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
1. Encyclopédie Methodique: Zoophytes :  <s>by</s> Paris, 1824
2. Histoire physique, politique, et naturelle de l'Ile de <s>[text?]</s> Cuba; Paris 1840
3. Transactions of the Berlin Academy, 1839.
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