Part 2: Researches on the Foraminifera

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                                according to his wont, raised three of <s>its</s> Bosc's species to the rank
of genera, under the names of <u>Borelis</u>, <u>Clausulia</u>, and <u>Miliolites</u>.
Lamarck did not adopt either Bosc's or Montfort's generic
designations, but substituted a new one <u>Melonica</u>; and this was adopted by Cuvier and Ferussac.  Defrance proposed
yet another name, <u>Orizaria</u>. And finally M.D'Orbigny, in 1825,
adopted Bosc's term, with a slight alteration in its termination, which served
at the same time to mark the continued existence of the
type, and to distinguish it from a genus of Corals <s>that had</s> which also had re-
ceived the name of <u>Alveolites</u>. The name <u>Alveolina</u> was
soon afterwards adopted by M. Deshayes;  and it may now
be considered as the established designation of the genus.
<s>- My investigations into</s> The following is the latest de-
finition given of this type by M. D'Orbigny:- "Coquille
allongée dans the sens de l'axe d'enroulement, formée de
loges divisées par des canaux capillaires, ronds, percées
de nombreuses ouvertures placées en lignes transversales
a l'enroulement spiral." Not the least idea seems to me
to be conveyed by this definition of the [axal?] structure of these
bodies, <s>which</s> such as is brought into view by thin sections,
and no-one, so far as I am aware, has previously attempt
ed thus to elucidate it.
   93. My investigations have been made upon specimens
which were tolerably abundant both in Mr Jukes's Austra
lian <s>colle</s> dredgings, and in Mr Cuming's Philippine col
lection. <s>The lo</s> These were obviously identical specifically,
but the latter considerably exceeded the former in average
size. The length of the longest <s>spe</s> complete specimen in my
possession is .35 of an inch; but I have a specimen whose

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William Benjamin Carpenter
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Part 2: Researches on the Foraminifera, 1856. From The Royal Society, PT/53/8



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