Tenerife Papers of Charles Piazzi Smyth

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With referece to the preceding views, the photographs are the only
ones which require a word of explanation. Immediately before
leaving England I furnished myself with a convenient and portable form of collodion apparatus for working on stereoscope
glass plates, and with an abundant supply of chemicals, both procured at the recommendation of Joseph James Forrester [Esq?]
of Oporto and London, and able amateur in photography, and
one to whom I am indebted for having at a moments notice
put me into the way of the present photographic system, my
previous practice of the art having terminated in 1845.
That I was enabled with this apparatus, in the inter=
=vals of more important observation, to secure upwards of 200
double views on glass of a variety of subjects, from the Crater
at the top of the Peak, to the turf breaking on the rocks at Orotave
is in itself no small recommendation of it; yet it might be im=
=proved on, and was indeed continually requiring repair and adaptation to fit it to the peculiar climate of the mountain.
Part of the views taken in the camera were negative,
and part positive. Having no means of taking copies of the
former, and having found a Frech photographer (M. [Ozange?]) resident in Edinburgh, gifted with great skill in copying, 
I have made over to him 50 of the negatives on loan, receiving in return
copies of them on paper and on glass. These latter are by the
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Charles Piazzi Smyth
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Tenerife Papers of Charles Piazzi Smyth, 1856. From The Royal Society, MS/626



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