Some observations on the crystalline lens

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faint orange-red tint.

Lenses immersed in mixtures of isotonic
sodium hydroxide solution and saline in the
proportions of 1:7 and 2:6 coloured with neutral
red showed an orange-red coloration in ten
minutes. After an hour, the capsules were
raised by an accumulation of fluid which
was yellow in colour and rich in protein.
The lenses inside were still orange-red in colour.
Lenses immersed in isotonic sodium hydrate
solution alone or in the same solution diluted
with an equal quantity of distilled water showed
the same colour changes; the capsule and
fluid under it became yellow while the lens
itself was dyed orange-red.

In isotonic ammonium hydrate solution with neutral red, the lens in its capsule
became yellow instantaneously; on opening the
capsule, the lens itself was found to be
quite yellow. One such lens subsequently
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Clare Harris
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Some observations on the crystalline lens , From The Royal Society, MS/165



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