Some observations on the crystalline lens

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8 <u>The effect of previous immersion in various
salt solutions on the amount of water taken
in by the lens.</u>

<u>Calcium chloride:</u>

Ox lenses with and without capsules were
immersed for varying periods in solutions of
calcium chloride of different strengths. Ox lenses
in capsules immersed in calcium chloride of
6.5%, 3.2%, 1.6% and 0.8%, 0.4% concentrations
all showed approximately the same slight gain
in weight, namely, about 3% in one hour and
about 4% in two hours. In the stronger
solutions, the lenses became whitish at once
and within a quarter of an hour developed
a superficial white patchy opacity, which
became denser and more extensive as the
immersion continued. The stronger the
solution, the more rapid and the denser
was the opacification. Exposure to different
lights appeared to make no difference to the
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Some observations on the crystalline lens , From The Royal Society, MS/165



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