Some observations on the crystalline lens

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7 <u>Swelling of the lens in acid and in alkali.<u/>

Lenses were removed in their capsules from
dogs just dead under anaesthetic, and of each
pair one was immersed in Ringer's solution (pH 8.2)
and the other in 0.09 Molar acid potassium
phosphate (pH 4.2). During the first hour and
especially during the early part of the first hour
the lenses in acid solution gained weight much
more rapidly than those in Ringer. Afterwards,
during the first few days they gained at a
much slower rate and finally reached a
maximum weight which remained practically
constant while putrefactive changes set in.
The lenses in Ringer's solution remained steady to
the end of the first day or lost again slightly,
but gained more rapidly and reached a 
higher maximum than those in acid during
the second to sixth or seventh days, after
which putrefactive changes set in or the
lenses burst their capsules.
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Clare Harris
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Some observations on the crystalline lens , From The Royal Society, MS/165



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