Some observations on the crystalline lens

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1 <u>Changes in lenses immersed in distilled water.</u>

Lenses with and without capsules were
weighed, immersed in distilled water at room
temperature and weighed at intervals during
immersion. All the lenses gained weight
most rapidly during the first half hour of
immersion and in the first hour had
reached about half the total increase in
weight, while a few observations carried on for
twenty-four to twenty-six hours, showed that
only a very slow gain in weight occurred
after the first four hours of immersion.

Of rabbits', dogs', and ox lenses in their
capsules, the first gained most rapidly (over 30%
of the original weight in one hour) and reached
the highest maximum gain (about 50%),
while dogs' lenses reached on an average a
gain of about 21% in one hour, and ox lenses
gained 10 1/2% in one hour. This difference
was probably partly due to the greater surface
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Some observations on the crystalline lens , From The Royal Society, MS/165



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