Some observations on the crystalline lens

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6 <u>The effect of a cell-poison on the permeability of the lens capsule.</u>

Lenses were removed in their capsules
from dogs just dead under anaesthetics. In
each case, one lens was immersed in distilled
water and the other in distilled water to
which a few drops of chloroform had been added.
The lenses were weighed every quarter of an
hour for the first hour and every half hour
afterwards up to the third hour. There was
no appreciable difference in the gain in weight.

The results of the weighing experiments
suggest either that the capsule of the lens
retains its permeability properties after death
or that the capsules of the lenses in water only
were already dead owing to the action of
distilled water or to the lengths of time which
had elapsed between removal of the lenses and
the later weighings. In this latter case, the
permeability properties of the lens capsule as
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Some observations on the crystalline lens , From The Royal Society, MS/165



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