Letter from T Nettleton, Halifax, Yorkshire, to James Jurin

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                                those who had been inoculated: but he staying in Town longer than he thought of, had lost it 
You may please to give Dr. Jurin the other half sheet wherein is an account of all that 
The following is a letter from Dr. Nettleton to Dr. Jurin 
Halifax Nov: 11th 1723 
There have been some Occurrences here, in the Method of Inoculation, which 
have been misrepresented, of which it is necessary the Publick shoud have a true & impartiall 
account. It was altogether a mistake to affirm, that one who had been inoculated a Year ago 
was lately dead of the Naturall Small Pox: But it is very true that one who had the Small Pox 
by Inoculation did dye; & also that two others whom we attempted to inoculate, but with =
out Effect, had the Distemper afterwards in the naturall way. The Facts are contained in 
the following Certificates, which will be attested upon Oath by the Partys concerned, whenever 
it shall be required.
We have reason to believe that the Death of the Child here after mentioned, was owing to 
some other Cause besides the Small Pox; but if to avoid Dispute we yield that Point,
It must then be acknowledged, that out of seventy four who had the Small Pox by Inocu =
lation hereabouts, one has dyed; All the rest are at this time alive & in good Health.
We have been told by all those who have writt upon the Subject of the Inoculation, that 
it may sometimes fail, & produce nothing at all; in which case, it can be no more security against 
the Distemper than if nothing had been done. Most of those who have been inoculated here 
have been as much exposed as these two Children, who have taken the infection since, but we have not yet found, that any 
who had the Small Pox by this Method, tho’ in the lowest degree, ever had it again in 
the naturall way. If any such thing shoud happen I shall not fail to advise you of it 
There has nothing occur’d here so far as I know that can possibly be represented to the disadvantage 
of the Practice, besides what is contained in the Enclosed Papers I am 
Your most obedient 
Humble Sert 
Thos. Nettleton 
Ealand Nov: 8th 1723
These may certify that in February 1721/2 the Small Pox was inoculated upon 
two of our Daughters the one about five & the other four Years of Age, who had as far 
as we coud judge, the true Small Pox thro’ which Distemper they gott with very great Ease 
Some time after, the same Operation was performed upon a Boy of ours, aged about 3 Years,
but without any Effect. The Child was not in the least disorder’d, had no appearances 
upon his Skin neither did the places of Incision swell or inflame as in the other Children 
so that we then concluded it woud avail him nothing. About five months ago, the 
Distemper being then in the Neighbourhood & several having dyed of it in the natural way 
We had the Small Pox inoculated upon a Daughter of ours aged about 15 months, with this 
Child the Distemper was more severe than usual; She was very full tho’ the Pustules were 
distinct. She went on as well as we coud expect, & on the eleventh day was very cheerful 
& brisk, free from Heat or Thirst & the Small Pox were many of them crusted & gone off 
insomuch that we thought her out of danger: However that night she dyed suddenly 
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