Letter from T Nettleton, Halifax, Yorkshire, to James Jurin

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                                even before any alteration for the worse was perceived by those that attended her 
This unhappy Event may possibly expose us to the Censure of the World, but the Consciousness 
of having done our Duty in using the most likely means to preserve Life in a Time 
of common danger, makes us easy & content. About ten days after this our Son 
above mentioned upon whom the Inoculation had no Effect was seized in the natural 
way, had a very kindly sort, & recovered very well. The Distemper was at that 
time very rife in two or three neighbouring Familys insomuch that none escaped 
who had not had it before, amongst these, there were six persons who had the Small 
Pox by Inoculation some of which were constantly & the rest frequently in company 
with those that were sick of the Natural Sort, without being any way affected 
To the Truth of the above we subscribe 
Joseph Brooksbank 
Elisabeth Brooksbank 
To the above written particulars attest 
the Nurse & Maid who attended the 
Children during their illness 
Elizabeth I Brooksbank
Elizabeth X Mellar 

Halifax Nov: 5th 1723 
These may certify that at our request in February 1721/2 The Small Pox was 
inoculated upon two of our Children, the one a Boy aged about 5 Years, the other 
a Girl about 3 years old. The Girl in a weeks time began to be very feverish & ill 
& after 2 or 3 days the Small Pox appear’d, They rose very round & large, tho but 
few in number & She soon recovered. The Boy was no ways affected, had no 
manner of illness that we coud perceive, nothing appear’d upon his Skin, neither did 
the Places that were cutt look red & angry as they did in the Girl: but about a 
week or ten days after his Sister recovered, He fell ill of the Small Pox, had more in 
number & was much worse than She was, but after some time recover’d very well 
as wittness our hands 
Willm Clark 
Phebe Clark 

Martha Mitchell 
Thos. Thorp.

P.S. It is to be observed that these two Children were not inoculated with the same matter 
The Girl was from one that had a very favourable kind in the natural way, & the Boy was from 
one that was inoculated, but I had the misfortune to come too late, the Pustules were wither’d 
& allmost gone & the matter was chiefly taken from the incision in the arm. I did 
not think it necessary to mention this particular in the account I gave of this boy for=
=merly, because I coud not conclude from one tryall, any thing certainly. it is now 
very well known that the matter taken from the Pustules of the inoculated Small Pox 
will convey the Distemper as well as the naturall, but I believe that which runs from 
the incisions will not. I can give no account how the operation happen’d to fail 
in Mr Brooksbanks boy, for two other children were inoculated at the same time with 
the same matter in whom it succeeded very well.

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