Letter from T Nettleton, Halifax, Yorkshire, to James Jurin

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                                Halifax Nov: 11th 
Hond. Sr.
I am extremely oblidged to You, & to Dr Whitaker for your 
Care in contradicting, these injurious reports which had been spread abroad in the 
Publick Papers, I am very sorry that my Name has been singled out to be made 
use of in this artfull Contrivance to ruin at once the Credit of the Practice 
There is no manner of ground for it, but only that I have been so unfortunate 
as to have one miscarry under my hands this Year, which yet I think cannot 
reflect very much discredit upon the Method, if it be consider’d how many have 
been inoculated here & done well, & how difficult it is in the beginning of a Practice 
to avoid all Errors & mistakes. I have received many Letters from severall parts 
of the Kingdom to enquire about the truth of this report & lamenting that a 
Practice which has been found so successful shoud meet with such a finishing stroke 
as is like to putt an end to it at once, & therefore it is incumbent upon me to give 
sufficient barely to contradict this story but they will also expect an impartiall 
account of everything that happen’d here which might give rise to it 
This I have here sent You with the originall Certificates from the Partys con =
cerned. You may make what use of it you shall think most proper, either to print 
it now in some one of the Publick Papers, or reserve it to be publish’d some other 
way as you shall judge most convenient I am very sorry to be so troublesome 
& woud much rather be excused from appearing in Publick but that upon this occasion 
it seems to be necessary, tho’ I should rather wish it might appear in company with 
some other accounts of what has been done in other parts of the Kingdom. I shoud 
be very glad to hear from You or from Dr Whitaker whether from the accounts you 
have had, You have any reason to think worse of the Practice this Year than before 
what number you suppose may have been inoculated in the Whole & whether there 
have been any miscarriage besides this in Yorkshire; We have been told of one 
lately in the News papers but how true we cannot tell. If the Mortality has been no 
greater this Year than before in the Way of Inoculation it woud be of very great use 
in the Countrey if you woud order some short Paragraph to be inserted in the Papers 
in Vindication of the Method in generall to take off any ill impressions which false 
reports may have made upon the minds of the People. but you will excuse the 
freedom which I use: I’m sorry I did not mention Mr Brooks Carter boy particularly in my 
former Letters as one upon whom the Operation had no Effect but as he never was ill 
I seldom saw him neither did I ever see his Sores, for the Child was so frettfull & 
under such frightfull apprehensions of being cutt that he woud not suffer me to come 
near him without crying extremely. Some of those about him told me they thought 
his Sores did run more than common but upon a strict Enquiry what is contain’d in the 
Certificate is the real truth. You will also excuse any Errors or omissions I may have 
been guilty of thro’ inadvertency or thro’ fear of being too tedious & particular 
I am with many thanks for all your Favours 
Your most oblidged Freind 
& humble Sert 
Thos. Nettleton 
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Thomas Nettleton
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