Ideas for an universal alphabet by Francis Lodwick

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                                A designe towards 
An universall Alfabet 
Alfabet, is a collection of single sounds by the conjunction 
whereof words are exprest, which in evry Language is a 
collection only of such sounds as are used in the same 
but by reason that all the single sounds that are by the mouth 
expressable are not in evry Language used, and so enu=
merated in their distinct Alfabets therefore by an 
Universall Alfabet. I designe such a collection to 
wit of all the single sounds expressed in any Language 
or expressible by the mouth of man and this I name 
a designe, because for want of convers with different 
nations expressing natturally their owne Language 
and that in the generallity of Languages. I may possibly 
have obmitted some single sounds in this Collection, yet 
I suppose but few, if any. for in all the Languages I have 
yet examined I found none but what were comprehended 
in this collection 
The usefullnes of such a collection is
1 That Children from their first begining being taught & 
accoustumed to the true expression of all these sounds will 
without difficulty be brought to the true pronounciation 
of any other Language how difficult soever 
2 It will enable any one used to this Alfabet perfectly to 
describe or write the words of any other Language, accord=
ing to their true sounds, so as another Like wise acquainted 
with this <s>Language <\s> Alfabet shall express the words so 
written (although he neuer before heard them expressed 
by any other) so perfectly as the native to that 
Language would have don 
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