Ideas for an universal alphabet by Francis Lodwick

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                                Concerning Spelling 
As there hath bin a great defect observed in all the present Al=
fabets in all Languages as before is noted and the redres pro 
posed I shal in the next place note a great defect in all
the primers or first bookes used to teach to read with the 
manner of teaching children or others to read and the ill con 
sequence thereof and then propose the redres 
The defects in the primers and manner of teaching is 
first in the order of the single letters in the Alfabet where 
the Vowels and consonants are intermixed and so taught 
whereas the Vowels being as it were the soule and life of 
the consonants should be ranged together and the lear 
ner first taught the true sound of them and afterwards 
that of the consonants in con Junction with them.
2ly In teaching the sounds of the consonants they 
all wayes doe it with som peculier vowels as it were 
proper to them and as of their Essence as bee, cee, dee 
ef, el, em, whereas in teaching the sound of them it 
should be with various vowels thereby to intimate the nature 
of Consonants not to expressed with out the assistance of an 
adjoined vowel as ba, be, bi, ab, eb, ib, &c
further in teaching them to spel as they name it, after 
knowledg of the letters it is usuall to take a sillable as it 
were in peeces that is to expres all the single consonants 
sillabically with those vowels they usually are expressd 
with and then to joine them together in one sillable 
which no one rationally can doe except like <s>a<\s> parrats 
that expres the same that is before exprest to them and no 
farther as for instance in the sillable Bond which 
they are taught thus to spell Bee, o, en, dee and then 
required to join them all together which Can never be in 
one sillable as at first, but must be Bee o en dee not the 
sillable designed, which proceeding must needs deter all 
persons com to yeares to supply their ignorance in reading 
by this method, Whereas the true manner of spelling 
should be sillabically not Litterally 
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