Dissection of a paroquet [parakeet] communicated by Richard Waller

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                                <u>Ingluvies <\u> or crop: where by several small stones pickt out of ye sand given it by ye motion of ye gizzard 
it is comminuted and thence transmitted to ye Intestines on <s>ye<\s> the sides 
of which with in a small distance is placed the <u>Pancreas<\u>. The propor 
tions of all these parts to each other will be best seen by the figures 
which were purposely designed as big as the life 
The Explication of the 
Fig. I
a. The <u>
aspera arteria <\u>
b. That part wch formes as it were 
another <u>Larynx <\u>.
c. Part of ye <u>Gula <\u>.
d. The upper craw.
e. The Heart.
F. The <u>Vena axillares<\u>
G. The jugulars.
h. a small gland on one of them 
The two auricles of ye heart.
K. The Liver.
l. The Gizzard 

Fig. II
a. The <u>Trachea <\u>
B. The <u>Larynx <\u> by wch Parrots are rendred <u>ventriloqui <\u>
C. The two branches of ye <u>Trachea <\u>

Fig. III
A. The <u>Cornua <\u> of ye <u>os Hyoides <\u>
B. Two muscles of ye <u>Larynx <\u>.
c. The fissure or <u>Glottis <\u>
d. The <u>Trachea <\u>
e. The Tongue,
f. The horney end thereof.

Fig. IV
A. The <u>Testes<\u>
B. The <u>Deferentia <\u>
C. The Kidneys 
D. The Ureters.

Fig. V.
a. The upper part of ye <u>Gula<\u>
b. The first or upper Craw
c. That part of ye <u>Gula <\u> whose inside is 
d. The lower Craw
e. The Gizzard or Ventricle 
f. The first Intestine 
G. The Pancreas 
Fig. VI
a. The upper bill 
b. The inside of it 
D. The upper jaw 
c. The place where the upper bill is movable 
e. A passage to ye nostrills 
f. The lower bill 
g. The upper bill in another posture to shew
the small ridges therin 

Fig. VII
One of ye feathers of ye Taile 
a. That part furnisht only with a white 
b. The Part that is yellow 
c. The scarlet Part
d. Where it is Black 
e. The Green Part.

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Dissection of a paroquet [parakeet] communicated by Richard Waller, 1688. From The Royal Society, CLP/15i/37



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