Account of a young lad in Paris who had 'horns' growing from his hands and toes by Mr Locke

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                                there never had been, upon ye 4th. ie ye little toe of 
ye right foot, as I remember, there has been one 
but it haveing fallen off about 6 Months since 
it came no more but left ye Naile very little 
different from Naturall. This horny substance 
grew not out of ye end of ye fingers but was as 
it were a thickening of ye Naile, wch instead of 
growing out <s>at<\s> in length increased in thickness 
but rose not up strait in a perpendicular line 
to ye finger but as it augmented bended forwards 
& soe grew somewhat into ye shape of a birds claw 
but yt it was not taper & sharp like it but blunt 
at ye end & almost of ye same bigness all along 
& full of pritty deep chaps in ye convex part, but ye 
concave was without any he had noe sense in ye horny 
part it self, for I saw ye peices before mentioned 
brokn of by wresting severall ways, but he com=
plained of paine when bending ye upper part the 
part yt Joyned on to his finger was not held very 
firme & steady & those of his feet were soe tender 
yt he complained upon very gentle touching of them 
but ye sensibility <s>is<\s> was not in ye horny excrescence but in 
ye part where it joyns on to ye flesh ie where the 
naile did formerly grow.
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John Locke
24 May 1678
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Account of a young lad in Paris who had 'horns' growing from his hands and toes by Mr Locke, 24 May 1678. From The Royal Society, CLP/13/5



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