Account of a young lad in Paris who had 'horns' growing from his hands and toes by Mr Locke

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I. An Account of one who had excrescencies horns or 
extraordinary Long nailes on his fingers and toes by Mr Locke 
24o May 1678
At the hospitall in Paris called La Charite I saw a 
yonge lad of between 19 & 20 Years old who had upon ye 
ends of all his fingers as it were hornes grow out 
one whereof upon ye midles finger of his right 
hand was 310 grys  long & 170 gr: Circumference 
of which a good peice was broke off in my pre=
sense of above 150 gr: long; as also a sherter 
peice off from ye fore finger of ye same hand & an 
other less peice off ye annularis of ye left hand.
he told me he had one formerly on his Thumb 
much biger & longer then this of ye midle finger 
before mentioned, but it was now very short 
haveing been either taken off or dropt of I 
know not whether, for on all ye rest of his fingers 
on both his hands there were ye like, onely on some 
of them they had been taken off by ye Chirurgions since 
he came into ye Hospitall, but in those yt had not 
been touched there was a great inequality in their 
lengths. some of them begining to sprout much 
since ye other. <s>ye same alsoe was <\s> The like grew also upon ye toes of 
his feet, onely excepting ye two <s>last <\s> small toes of each 
foot, where there were now none, & upon 3 of them 
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John Locke
24 May 1678
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Account of a young lad in Paris who had 'horns' growing from his hands and toes by Mr Locke, 24 May 1678. From The Royal Society, CLP/13/5



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