On the Colour of Leaves of Plants and their Autumnal Changes

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                                Hydrochloric acid added to a little of the alcoholic solution of the green colouring matter, partly evaporated, produced an immediate effect; it increased the green colour of the central liquid and this increase was maintained for several days, and it gave rise to a blackish deposit of particles of chlorophyll: the green colour of the outer dried ring was greatly intensified: on the other hand the green colour of the chlorophyll was wholly destroyed by chlorine in water and  <s>the</s> portions of leaves immersed in the same became slowly but completely  <s>destroyed</s> decolourized. When nitric acid was added the central liquid became of a pale pink while the particles which subsided were red and the green outer circle turned blue.- After some hours the outer circle had almost disappeared  and the central liquid became nearly as clear as water, but the bright red granular particles were still undissolved.- Strong sulphuric acid  <s>dispersed </s> deepened the green colour very markedly.- Some of these changes in view of what follows are instructive and significant.
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Arthur Hill Hassall
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On the Colour of Leaves of Plants and their Autumnal Changes, 1892. From The Royal Society, AP/69/1



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