Description of Parts of a Human Skeleton from Pleistocene (Paleolithic) Bed, Tilbury, Essex

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                                Description of Parts of a Human Skeleton from a Pleisto-
[cene (]Palaeolithic) Bed, Tilbury, Essex. By Professor 
[Owen] C.B., F.R.S., &c. Received November 26, 1883.
Read Dec.6.1883
On the 1st October 1883, I was favoured with a letter from Col. Du Plat Taylor infor-
ming me that in the course of the extensive Dock-works at Tilbury Port, a “human 
skeleton had been found about 30 feet below the surface in a bed of sand: above this 
bed was a bed of clay, then a bed of peat 5 feet thick, and between this peat and the surface 
was another bed of clay.”1/ My friend was so good as to put me in communication with Mr.
Baynes, superintending the excavations at the time of the discovery, and that Gentleman,
bringing the ‘Remains ‘ for my examination, favored me with the subjoined ‘Diagram ‘
of the Strata down to and including that in which they were found.
1a. (Insert here the Plan, No. 1).
Par) In the rough work of excavation some disturbance of the skeleton had taken place 
before the Superintendent’s attention had been called to it: but, through Mr. Baynes’ care,
the following parts were recovered, and are now in the ‘Department of Geology’. British 
Museum of Natural History.
Frontal bone with portions of the ‘parietal’ and base of the confluent nasals.
Other portions of the parietals, confluent, but showing an external trace of the sagittal suture.
Portion of the occipital bone.
Left ramus of the lower jaw with portion of the right ramus confluent at the symphysis mandibulae.
Three teeth from the same mandible.
Portions of ribs and of the pelvis.
Shaft of right humerus.
Ib. of left radius.
Portion of left ulna.
Metacarpal bone and proximal phalanx of 2d digit (fore-finger), left hand.
Shaft of right femur, with portion of ‘head’ of the bone, detached.
Ib. of left femur, with portion of outer condyle.
Shafts of both tibiae.
Shaft of right fibula.
Left astragalus and portion of calcaneum.
Metacarpal of second toe.
1 of above date./
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