About some General Laws of Animal Life

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November 6

About some general laws of animal life.
by Nicholus Wagner Professor of Zoologic and H. M of the university of St Petersburg. Communicated by received June 19. 1879 Read June 19. 

The propagation and increase of any animal by mean of the buds occurs  after that time when the growth of the organism has richead to certain limite. When one animal has reached such [text?] where terminates the power which bounds all his parts in a harmonic organized whole only then occurs the phenomenon of desintegration expressed in the multiplication or increase of the organism by means of the buds. On this ground we have the full right to suppose that every form of animal which we meet now as a compound colonial organism has had its forefathers in a form of simple solitary organism. Thus the compound Foraminifera were preceded by the simple forms of solitary Foraminifera similar to all the forms which we meet in those living at the present time.
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Nicholas Wagner
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About some General Laws of Animal Life, 1879. From The Royal Society, AP/60/19



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