Physiological Anatomy of the Lungs

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                                the Bronchial that the latter afterwards can scarcely 
be distinguished in consequence of their becoming com=
=pletely buried and concealed, as it were, by the 
pulmonary injection and by the size which exudes 
from it. Even in the cases where the Bronchial 
vessels alone are injected so perfectly as to give 
an uniform yellow colour to the whole lung, it 
is found that the greatest care must be observed to 
avoid their becoming quite obscured and indis=
=tinct from the exudation of superfluous size, which 
is apt pertinaciously to cling to the tissue and which 
it is generally found very difficult to detach from it - 
To inject the pulmonary vessels separately it is 
requisite to adopt the following plan - 
To inject the 
Pulmonary system 
Having opened the pericardium, one in=
=jecting pipe, provided with a stop-cock, 
should be inserted through the walls of the right 
ventricle into the pulmonary artery and be care=
=fully secured there by a ligature, passed around 
the rest of the pulmonary artery; another injecting 
pipe also furnished with a stop cock, should then be 
inserted into the left auricle, through the auri=
=cular appendix and secured in its place by a 
ligature, passed around the appendix, which requires 

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James Newton Heale
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Physiological Anatomy of the Lungs, 1860. From The Royal Society, AP/43/4



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