Physiological Anatomy of the Lungs

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ral cellular 
Immediately beneath the pleura and closely 
adherent to it is the sub-pleural cellular tissue 
which may be separated into numerous layers, 
each of which is spread out from the successive 
divisions and subdivisions of the Bronchial 
tubes; each layer being furnished with its 
special allotment of capillary blood -vessels given 
off from the Bronchial artery - 
Though these Bronchial arteries are thus minutely 
distributed upon the successive layers of cellular 
tissue, yet they cannot by the minutest injection 
be made visible on the tissue of the pleura itself; 
this structure therefore must be a product of secretion 
of the cellular tissue immediately beneath it, because 
it is impossible to suppose that its fabric is repaired 
by those branches of the Pulmonary system which 
alone are found to ramify within it, since those 
vessels are adapted only to accomplish the Respiratory 
function: but when false membrane has become depo=
=sited on the surface of the Pleura, it will be seen, that 
these vessels penetrate through the Pleura and are 
freely distributed to the false membrane. 
<s>False mem=
False mem=
Whenever it so happens that false membrane has been 
formed, the sub-pleural cellular tissue, which corresponds 
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James Newton Heale
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Physiological Anatomy of the Lungs, 1860. From The Royal Society, AP/43/4



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