Physiological Anatomy of the Lungs

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                                should be drawn between the action by which 
the chest is mechanically filled with air by 
its alternate expansion and contraction and 
that physiological process and its immediate 
results, which depend on the amount and 
degree with which the oxygen combines with 
the blood in the lungs after the atmosphere 
has been brought into contact with it through 
the muscular influences provided for that 
purpose. The action of the fly-wheel of 
a watch may be essential in order to set free 
at proper intervals the motive force of the main=
=spring of the instrument but it is not the 
fly wheel which puts the whole chain of events 
into operation nor indeed which sustains the 
movements of the fly-wheel itself. 
It has been asserted by a modern author of 
some little celebrity that the air, which is breath=
=ed, is neither more nor less than a portion 
of the food, necessary for the animals consump=
=tion and that its influence is similar to food; 
according to this theory, the lungs can be no=
=thing more than a sort of supplemental 
stomach appointed to digest this particular article 
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James Newton Heale
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Physiological Anatomy of the Lungs, 1860. From The Royal Society, AP/43/4



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