Physiological Anatomy of the Lungs

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                                between those tubes by means of the leaflets, 
which unite the pedicels of numerous Bronchial 
tubes <s>there is a very minute anastomosis 
established between these tubes by means of the 
leaflets, which [text?] the pedicels of numerous 
Bronchial tubes<\s>, which would otherwise have 
no communication with one another - 
No other communication nor anastomosis, 
except this, exists between any two Bronchial 
tubes in any part of the lungs (of course 
the place where each tube branches out from the 
larger one from which it takes its origin is 
not included in this statement), and the only 
communication between the air contained in the 
adjoining lobules is that which the leaflets 
at the base of each establish by means of 
their pedicels. It is in consequence of 
these adjoining leaflets, thus blending together 
at the base of each lobule, that it is found 
impracticable entirely to separate any parti=
=cular lobule from those which are adjacent 
to it, without inflicting some injury to the 
structure of each, although the sulci, which 
divide them may be very marked and decisive. 
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James Newton Heale
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Physiological Anatomy of the Lungs, 1860. From The Royal Society, AP/43/4



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