Physiological Anatomy of the Lungs

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                                latter are purposely injected at the same time in order 
to give additional scope and elasticity, and to 
avoid the risk of the pressure becoming too great<s>,<\s> 
by being exclusively directed onto the Bronchial 
arteries); there would be considerable danger of 
causing the trunks of the Bronchial arteries to burst 
before their capillaries were filled unless these pre=
=cautions were taken - Ligatures must also be 
put on the left carotid and subclavian arteries 
and the cut edges of the Pleural and cellular tissue 
of the posterior mediastinum should be gathered into 
bundles and enclosed by ligatures. Ligatures 
should be carefully applied to the four pulmonary 
veins externally to the pericardium and care must 
be observed not to include either the Bronchial arte=
=ries or veins in these - The object of these ligatures is to prevent 
any injection which might be forced through the 
mitral valve into the left auricle from finding 
its way into these veins nd thence into the lungs 
and causing the vessels belonging to the Pulmonary 
system to become injected - 
It is necessary that freshly precipitated chromate 
of Lead should be used for the purpose of injecting 
the Bronchial arteries, because the capillaries 
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James Newton Heale
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Physiological Anatomy of the Lungs, 1860. From The Royal Society, AP/43/4



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