Attempt to apply instrumental measurement to the Zodiacal Light

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                                all through the year, a larger angle with the horizon than here, 
and where there are clearer skies, & a more transparent atmosphere. 
As such conditions are commanded by some 
of the magnetical and meteorological observatories which owe 
their existence to the honourable exertions of the Royal Society 
of London; and as the species of phenomenon and observation  
is one that belongs eminently to those departments, - we 
might expect erelong, to enjoy to enjoy much more intimate & exact 
knowledge of the laws and re<s>ve<\s>lations of this wondrous and exten=
=sive member of the Solar system, if the Royal Society was to give 
its testimony that the phenomenon was one of a nature worthy 
of scientific investigation; as well as that all that has been done 
hitherto, is insufficient, except for mere approximative purposes, 
and has been labouring under geographical disadvantages, which 
need not by any means continue to shackle observation 
in the present day.
signed) C.<u>Piazzi Smyth<\u> 
1. Hillside Crescent, Edinburgh
March. 25. 1848. 

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Charles Piazzi Smyth
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Attempt to apply instrumental measurement to the Zodiacal Light , 1840. From The Royal Society, AP/30/18



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