On Account of Observations of the Total Eclipse of the Sun on 21st December 1843

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                                uninterrupted until the termination of the eclipse which
took place at 
10h 56’ 22’ Madras Mean Time 
The color of that part of the Sun which was 
visible, was during the whole time a perfect white.
The Moon so nearly resembling in color and 
Shade the back ground of the sky, as to be barely distinguish-
able from it.
The Cloudy and hazy state of the atmosphere 
was such, that I was able to look at the sun when visible 
thro the Telescope without using any colored Glass, to the very 
end of the eclipse.
Altho this extremely unfavorable state 
of the sky induced me to doubt whether the totality of 
eclipse might not possibly have occurred when the 
intervening clouds prevented my seeing it. Yet the 
gradual downward movement of the illuminated part 
of the sun together with the very small amount of 
darkness lead almost certainly to the conclusion that 
the eclipse was not total in the position which 
I had taken up,
Supposing that I had made a 
mistake with regard to the place, I examined the 
large Map of India but there found that 
Catabavah was exactly in the line indicated in
the Nautical Almanac.
Upon enquiry I found that the eclipse 
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J.O.E. Ludlow
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On Account of Observations of the Total Eclipse of the Sun on 21st December 1843, 1844. From The Royal Society, AP/27/6



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