On Account of Observations of the Total Eclipse of the Sun on 21st December 1843

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                                break in the clouds, when the appearance presented itself.
as in Figure No 2
The illuminated part gradually decreased 
until it became extremely attenuated. There was no appearance 
of beads. The Limb of the Moon was well defined and 
the cusps sharp, but the middle of the sun’s limb had 
a wavy appearance.
At this moment I was watching with 
great anxiety for the junction of the Cusps, and total 
extinction of the Sun’s light instead of which to my great 
Surprise. The thin crescent of light began to creep round 
the lower edge of the sun assuming the appearance in Figure 
No 3.
This was but just discernible when 
the whole became totally obscured by Clouds.
About this time the darkness was 
greatest the light beginning shortly afterwards to increase 
very rapidly 
In a few minutes more the clouds 
again opened for a short time the appearance then was 
as in Figure No 4
At 9h 52’, it was again visible 
appearing as in Figure No 5.
At 10h 31’ appeared again as 
represented in Figure No 6.
After this the view was nearly 
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J.O.E. Ludlow
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On Account of Observations of the Total Eclipse of the Sun on 21st December 1843, 1844. From The Royal Society, AP/27/6



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