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Sectional Committee: Mathematics

Not recommended for publication in Philosophical Transactions, in its present form. If the parts concerned with the extension of the kinetic theory of gases could be separated from the rest, and written in a form independent of the speculative parts of the paper, they might be recommended for publication. The extensions of the kinetic theory are mixed with a theory of 'mean and relative' motion and a theory of the constitution of the primordial medium described as 'granular'. If the paper is modified as suggested the question of diagrams will arise again. If the paper is published without substantial change the diagrams may stand. The parts of the paper dealing with the theory of 'mean and relative' motions as very imperfect and speculative. He is not sufficiently familiar with the kinetic theory of gases to criticise the proposed extension effectively but it appears to include a real advance, as it is concerned with the case where the diameters of the molecules are not very small compared with the free paths, and thus makes a definite step in the molecular theory of liquids and solids.

Criticises the paper under the following section headings: mean and relative motion; kinetic theory for a finite ratio of diameters to free paths; theory of the primordial medium; explanation of the physical evidence by means of the granular medium. He has written his report without paying any regard to the eminence of the writer or his past services to physical science, or any question of policy. If it is thought that the record of the author's speculations is in itself a desirable thing, then before it is published, the detailed criticisms in his appendix might be submitted to the author.

[Published in Proceedings of the Royal Society, 1901].

Endorsed on verso as received 14 April 1902.

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09 April 1902
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Augustus Edward Hough Love

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Augustus Edward Hough Love, Referee's report by Augustus Edward Hough Love, on a paper 'The sub-mechanics of the universe' by Osborne Reynolds, 09 April 1902, RR/15/373, The Royal Society Archives, London,, accessed on 18 July 2024

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