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Details of a number of experiments by Robert Hooke

Reference number: RBO/6/10

Date: January 1684


27 June 1683 - 'Of the swimming of unmelted in melted lead' and 'To shew how high water will rise in any Place'

4 July 1683 - 'A Rule for Calculating the Pressure for Water in a Pipe Experiment To shew a way to find the true and comparative Expansion of any Metal, when melted etc' [Figure]

11 July 1683 'The Module of a New sort of Wind-mill' and
'A Way to stay any great Weight, from Falling down to the Bottom; when the rope or Chain by which it is drawn chances to break' [Figure]

31 October 1683 - 'The making of a Glew or Transparent Substance for taking the Impression of Medalls'

14 November 1683 - 'An Instrument to measure the Velocity of the Air or Wind and shewd to find the strength thereof'

28 November 1683 - 'A Way-wiser for Sea'

5 December 1683 - 'An Instrument for the exact finding any desired part of any weight given whether commensurate or incommensurate'

12 December 1683 - Instrument for weighing

19 December 1683 - concerning weights and scales

5 March 1684 - three drills made of stell then fitted with pulleys - that Hooke had tried the expansion of water between a state ready to freeze and a state ready to boil

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Details of a number of experiments by Robert Hooke, January 1684, RBO/6/10, The Royal Society Archives, London,, accessed on 15 July 2024

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