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Volume of the manuscript versions of papers published by the Royal Society in volume 122 of 'Philosophical Transactions' in 1832.

The end of the volume lists four papers that were ordered not to be printed on 28 June 1832. There are no manuscripts for the papers. These papers include:
- 'On the production of steam' by Jacob Perkins
- 'On the explosion of oxygen and hydrogen by a spark from a common magnet' by William Ritchie
- 'A physiological inquiry into the uses of the thymus gland' by John Tuson
- 'Considerations on the laws of life in reference to the origin of disease' by Adair Crawford

The volume includes some original illustrations and figures drawn in ink in support of the papers.

Missing from the volume are manuscripts for the following papers:
'Researches in physical astronomy' by John William Lubbock;
'On the tides' by John William Lubbock;
'Researches in physical astronomy' by John William Lubbock;
'Some account of a new volcano in the Mediterranean' by John Davy;
'Further notice of the new volcano in the Mediterranean' by John Davy;
'Some remarks on an error respecting the site and origin of Graham Island' by William Henry Smyth;
'An account of some experiments and observations on the torpedo (Raia torpedo, linn.)' by John Davy;
'Of the organs of the human voice' by Charles Bell;
'Theory of the inverse ratio which subsists between the respiration and irritability, in the animal kingdom' by Marshall Hall;
'On hybernation' by Marshall Hall;
'Researches in physical astronomy' by John William Lubbock;
'On the nervous system of the Sphinx ligustri, Linn., and on the changes which it undergoes during a part of the metamorphoses of the insect' by George Newport;
'An account of the magnetical experiments made on the western coast of Africa, 1830-1' by Edward Belcher;
'Hourly observations on the barometer; with experimental investigations into the phenomena of its periodical oscillation' by James Hudson; and
'Note on the tides in the port of London' by John William Lubbock.

Reference number
Earliest possible date
October 1831 - June 1832
Physical description
Vellum-covered volume, gilded title on spine
Page extent
One volume containing nine papers, one fragment of a paper, and one letter

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Manuscripts of papers published in Philosophical Transactions, 1832, October 1831 - June 1832, PT/20, The Royal Society Archives, London,, accessed on 25 June 2024

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