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Volume of manuscript versions of papers published by the Royal Society in volumes 115, 116, 118, and 119 of 'Philosophical Transactions. Includes an unpublished series of observations and paper by James South and an unpublished paper by Humphry Davy.

The volume includes some original illustrations and figures drawn in ink in support of the papers.

A significant number of manuscripts from volumes 115-116 and 118-119 are missing. Manuscripts present from volume 115 include:
'An essay on Egyptian mummies; with observations on the art of embalming among the ancient Egyptians' by Augustus Bozzi Granville.

Manuscripts present from volume 116 include:
'Re-examination of thirty-six double and triple stars, the distances and positions of which, as observed by Mr Herschel and Mr South, were published in the Philosophical Transactions for 1824' by James South;
'Observations of the apparent distances and positions of 458 double and triple stars, made in the years 1823, 1824, and 1825; together with a re-examination of 36 stars of the same description, the distances and positions of which were communicated in a former memoir' by James South;
'Account of a series of observations, made in the summer of the year 1825, for the purpose of determining the difference of meridians of the Royal Observatories of Greenwich and Paris' by John Frederick William Herschel;
'On the mutual action of sulphuric acid and naphthaline, and on a new acid produced' by Michael Faraday;
'On burrowing and boring marine animals' by Edward Osler;
'An account of some experiments relative to the passage of radiant heat through glass screens' by Baden Powell;
'On the discordances between the sun's observed and computed right ascensions, as determined at the Blackman-street Observatory, in the years 1821 and 1822; with experiments to show that they did not originate in instrumental derangement. Also a description of the seven-feet transit with which the observations were procured, and upon which the experiments were made' by James South;
'On the existence of a limit to vaporization' by Michael Faraday;
'On electrical and magnetic rotations' by Charles Babbage; and
'The Bakerian Lecture. On the relations of electrical and chemical changes' by Humphry Davy.

Manuscripts present from volume 118 include:
'Abstract of a meteorological journal kept at Benares during the years 1824, 1825, and 1826' by James Prinsep.

Manuscripts present from volume 119 include:
'An account of the preliminary experiments and ultimate construction of a refracting telescope of 7.8 inches aperture, with a fluid concave lens' by Peter Barlow.

Reference number
Earliest possible date
January 1825 - December 1828
Physical description
Vellum-covered volume, gilded title on spine
Page extent
One volume containing 15 papers, one partial paper, two sets of observations, one index, and one set of plates.

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Manuscripts of papers published in Philosophical Transactions, 1825-1828, January 1825 - December 1828, PT/18, The Royal Society Archives, London,, accessed on 21 July 2024

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