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Paper, 'On certain ternary alloys. Part II' by Charles Romley Alder Wright and C Thompson

Reference number: PP/16/2

Date: 1890


The authors write: 'In Part I [see PP/13/30], it has been shown that when the three metals lead, zinc, and tin are fused together and well intermixed, and the mixture allowed to stand molten for some hours at a nearly constant temperature, a single homogeneous alloy results if the proportion of tin present exceeds a certain lim iting amount (about three-eighths of the entire mass); but with smaller proportions of tin the mass divides itself into two different ternary alloys of unequal density: the heavier contains chiefly lead, together with some of the tin, and as much zinc as the lead can dissolve in presence of the particular proportion of tin associated with it; whilst the lighter mainly consists of zinc, with the rest of the tin, and as much lead as the zinc can dissolve in presence of that tin. We have found that analogous results are obtained with various other ternary mixtures of metals, A, B, C, such that whilst A and B are not miscible together in all proportions (like lead and zinc), C is miscible in all proportions w ith either A or B separately. Of such mixtures, the following are example.'

Annotations in pencil and ink. Includes eight graphs of experimental results.

Subject: Metallurgy

Received 3 April 1890. Read 8 May 1890.

A version of this paper was published in volume 48 of the Proceedings of the Royal Society as 'On certain ternary alloys. Part II'.

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Ink and graphite pencil on paper
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36 pages

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Charles Romley Alder Wright

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Charles Romley Alder Wright, Paper, 'On certain ternary alloys. Part II' by Charles Romley Alder Wright and C Thompson, 1890, PP/16/2, The Royal Society Archives, London,, accessed on 19 June 2024

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