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Longridge suggest that 'the introduction of elongated rifled projectiles having rendered it necessary to reconsider the laws of resistance which had been deduced by Robins, Hutton, and more recent authors, such an investigation is the object of this paper'. It is first shown that Hutton's law, R = av + bv^2, if applied to the results obtained by the Special Armstrong and Whitworth Committee, 1866, leads to the following equation, x = 1620 log10 {V - 1015·4/v - 1015·4}, where V is the initial velocity, v the residual velocity at the distance x from the gun. In like manner it is shown that the law adopted by Piobert, R = Av^2 + Bv^2, leads to the equation x = 2197 log10 {V - 994/v - 994. v/V}, and the law R = Av^3 Bv^4 to the equation x = 2668 log10 {V^2 - 958850/v^2 - 958850. v^2/V^2}.

Includes a graph of vertical scale against horizontal scale with large shot and small shot plotted on it. Marked on front as 'Archives Nov 1868'.

Subject: Physics / Ballistics

Received 13 February 1868. Read 27 February 1868. Communicated by [Charles] Manby.

Whilst the Royal Society declined to publish this paper in full, an abstract of the paper was published in volume 16 of the Proceedings of the Royal Society as 'On the resistance of the air to rifled projectiles'.

Reference number
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28 January 1868
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32 pages

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Unpublished paper, 'Resistance of the air to rifled projectiles' by J A Longridge, 28 January 1868, AP/50/10, The Royal Society Archives, London,, accessed on 12 July 2024

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