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Illustrations produced for the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, volume 107

Reference number: PT/73/6

Date: 1816-1817


Plates intended for publication in various papers published in volume 107 of Philosophical Transactions. The plates have been removed from their associated manuscripts. Published plates were engraved by the Basire family.

The plates correspond to the following papers:
'An account of the circulation of the blood in the class Vermes of Linnæus, and the principle explained in which it differs from that in the higher classes' by Everard Home;
'Some new experiments and observations on the combustion of gaseous mixtures, with an account of a method of preserving a continued light in mixtures of inflammable gases and air without flame' by Humphry Davy;
'De la structure des vaisseaux Anglais, considérée dans ses derniers perfectionnements' by Charles Dupin;
'Description of a thermometrical barometer for measuring altitudes' by Francis John Hyde Wollaston;
'On the passage of the ovum from the ovarium to the uterus in women' by Everard Home;
'Observations on the genus of Ocythoë Rafinesque, with a description of a new species' by William Elford Leach;
'Astronomical observations and experiments tending to investigate the local arrangement of the celestial bodies in space, and to determine the extent and condition of the Milky Way' by William Herschel;
'Some account of the nests of the Java swallow, and of the glands that secrete the mucus of which they are composed' by Everard Home;
'Observations on the Hirudo complanata, and Hirudo Stagnalis, now formed into a distinct genus under the name, Glossopora' by James Rawlins Johnson; and
'Observations on the gastric glands of the human stomach, and the contraction which takes place in that viscus' by Everard Home.

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Illustrations produced for the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, volume 107, 1816-1817, PT/73/6, The Royal Society Archives, London,, accessed on 27 September 2023

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